Hampden-Sydney College
Spencer Conover ’10 and Robert Kernodle ’16 celebrate a job well done at one of the Music Interest Club’s initial recruitment events

The Hampden-Sydney College (H-SC) Music Interest Club (MIC) officially began on October 11th, 2012 after an announcement during a dinner organized by Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Spencer Conover ’10.  Days before the dinner Robert Kernodle ’16 had a meeting with Assistant Professor Fine Arts (Music), Dr. R. David Salvage wherein he would request a seminar.  The seminar would serve to educate students interested in music production in return for the equivalent of the academic credit of a lab course. Dr. Salvage, knowing the complex nature of creating new courses, suggested that Robert create a club instead. The dinner was held so that students interested in the music industry could talk about life as a career musician or music business professional with H-SC alumnus, musician, and writer Drew Kennedy ’02.  Conover, upon inviting interested students, noted that “this intimate dinner conversation will give you the chance to hear first-hand about songwriting, creativity, marketing and promoting art, and the adventures that come with eight years as a musician on the road.”  During the dinner, after noticing the wide variety of interests in the room, Kernodle proposed a club.  After a positive response from the attendees, Conover asked that he be the Club’s Faculty Advisor and was immediately received.  Weeks later, on December 4th, 2012, Kernodle was elected President of the organization.

Homecoming gig at Chi Phi, H-SC
First band organized by the MIC

The Club began to meet initially under the name Music Operations Club, then quickly after, the Music Industry Club.  The original members realized that for the club to serve all students on campus, it would need to also serve students who were interested in music regardless if they were interested in the business side or not.  The College had previously lacked a creative outlet for students interested in music (aside from the campus a cappella group).  Following that line of thought, Conover advised that the members should replace the “Industry”in the Club’s name with interest.  After formulating a constitution and planning accordingly, the Club was officially recognized by the school Senate as an H-SC student-run club on February 6th, 2013.  Conover coins our founding mission: to foster meaningful relationships within the Hampden-Sydney community through music.

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